Estrovera provides effective relief for multiple menopause symptoms, including hot flashes*

  • In a 12-week clinical study with ERr 731, perimenopausal women reported significant improvements in symptoms—including hot flashes and anxiety—within just 28 days (compared to placebo)*3,4
  • In another 12-week clinical study, ERr 731 reduced median number of daily hot flashes from 12 to 2*5
  • In a 6-month study, ERr 731 demonstrated progressive relief of multiple symptoms measured by the Menopause Rating Scale (MRS), including:*1
    • Negative mood, irritability & anxiety
    • Joint and muscle discomfort
    • Physical/mental exhaustion
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • In a 2-year study with ERr 731, ~83% reduction of the total MRS II score was maintained from 60 weeks to 108 weeks*†2
  • Estrovera provides a clinically effective dose of ERr 731 in just 1 tablet daily*

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This estimated ratio is not included in the publication of cumulative results of a 12-week study followed by two 48-week observational studies (OS). It is calculated from the mean change of the MRS II score of 5.7 at the end of the first 48-week OS divided by the baseline score of 34. There was no change in total score from the end of the first OS to the end of the second OS. These results are from the ERr 731 subgroup only, which was administered ERr 731 daily for a total of 108 weeks. This calculation does not take into account some changes in study population over time.