Estrovera - Safety

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ERr 731 has a long-term history that is free of serious adverse events*
    • Recommended by healthcare professionals in Germany since 1993
    • Multiple in vitro and in vivo studies for toxicology and metabolism demonstrate a high degree of predicted safety*8-12
    • No clinically relevant changes in safety parameters—including gynecological findings, vital parameters, and laboratory safety parameters associated with treatment after 108 weeks of clinical observation*2


Unlike hormone therapies, ERr 731 does not contain estrogen

    • The observed clinical benefits of ERr 731 appear to be related to modulation of ERβ as demonstrated in laboratory studies*8-12
    • Siberian rhubarb is a vegetable like its relative—garden rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarium)
    • All active constituents of ERr 731 are identified as hydroxystilbenes (phytonutrients), primarily rhaponticin
    • ERr 731 does not contain anthraquinones, which are constituents of medicinal rhubarb plants traditionally used to treat occasional constipation and have potential liver toxicity*


ERr 731 demonstrates selective affinity for ERβ, in endometrial tissue, which suggests a safer approach.*